Talent Blast

Turn your job posting into a targeted ad campaign and get up to 4 times the qualified response.

Talent Blast posting add-ons takes job posting exposure to a new level. By utilizing advanced job posting optimization (SEO), and targeted ad-level campaign management (SEM) across a network of thousands of regional sites, niche sites, job aggregators, and even social networks, Talent Blast significantly improves posting performance and increases the number of qualified applicants. In fact, Talent Blast can generate up to 4 times the typical response rate.

With job seekers relying on many different sites for the job search, getting the right job posting in front of the right job seeker at the right time is what Talent Blast is all about.

Get Maximum Exposure and Qualified Response
  • Increase your ad visibility across a network of thousands of regional sites, niche sites, job aggregators, and even social networks
  • Increase ad performance with advanced targeted distribution and paid ad campaigns across hundreds of relevant sites
  • Get higher rankings and more visibility on job search engines and aggregator sites with our advanced optimization
Your One-stop Shop for Online Job Postings:
  • One posting reaches qualified job seekers on hundreds of targeted job sites , in addition to our members through our association career center site
  • Eliminates the need to post on multiple job sites to generate more qualified applicants
  • Saves significant time and money in sourcing qualified candidates
How it Works

Move to the Top of the List with Ad-Level SEO and PPC Campaigns

Better rankings in search results means more clicks. Targeted distribution equals more qualified response.

The Talent Blast combines the two in order more targeted exposure on across local sites, niche job sites, aggregators, search engines, blog sites, and social networks. With Talent Blast, your posting is automatically optimized and appended with the right keywords to improve rankings on aggregator sites and search engines and distributes job postings as part of Pay-Per-Click campaigns on hundreds of relevant job sites. On average, postings with Talent Blast experience up to 4 times the response compared to non-optimized job posting.

Real-Time Campaign Management Increases Performance and Quality Response

Ad-Level SEO produces higher rankings in relevant search results for additional exposure and response.

  • Each job posting goes through additional ad optimization and appropriate keywords appended to achieve higher rankings on search engines and job aggregator sites
  • Posting ranking in search results is monitored and keywords fine-tuned continuously to improve rankings

PPC (Pay-per-click) Ad Campaigns Distribution (SEM) across hundreds of sites helps find quality job seekers no matter where they are

  • Job postings are assigned to ad campaigns based on job categories and distributed as paid listings on relevant niche sites, specialty sites, aggregator sites, and diversity sites as well local job boards across the North America.
  • Performance is monitored real-time and adjustments on budgets, are made based on historical data to achieve maximum response rates
  • There is no additional fee for the targeted paid ad campaigns – it’s included in the Talent Blast fee.